Crina Prida is a Romanian award-winning visual artist, whose work focuses on portraiture and conceptual photography. She is not comfortable being described as a photographer, but rather as a storyteller, because her work is staged, and mostly auto-referential. Since 2008, Crina's work has been featured in many international publications and online media, and exhibited in over twenty solo and group exhibitions in Romania and abroad.

"The journey between a photograph, as an object, and the information it contains, is the only reliable aspect in a visual narrative. I am trying to create images which do NOT reflect the immediate, formal reality. The recurrence of symbols or subjects, are meant to transform, or even manipulate the perception of the viewer, in the sense that they include the viewer in an open dialogue, which begins in front of the camera, between me and the model, and is carried on when the photographs are looked at, whether the observer likes them or not. I construct my photos somewhat like staged scenes on a theatrical set, where the subjects and the props are obviously real, but their role is to induce and suggest emotional reactions in the audience. After all, the reaction of pleasure or discomfort are those responsible with bringing life into any form of art, because, in the absence of the subconscious in the process of perception, the message remains unknown, and the story , sadly, untold."

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